This is my first time at  URBAN, what should I do?
First of all, welcome! We will ask you to register via www.urbanriders.com or through our app on the App Store. Your demo ride will be assigned and you’ll be able to book your first bike free of charge. After that, all you have to do is show up 15 minutes prior to your ride.


What should I bring with me to the ride?
We recommend you wear lightweight sportswear. It’s going to be quite hot in the studio.

What are cycling shoes? Where can I get them?
Cycling shoes are one of our essential tools. You can ask for your shoes before the ride from our frontdesk, they are  free of charge.


How many minutes is a ride?
Rides last 45 minutes in total.


How much does a single ride at Urban Riders cost?
A single ride costs 45 TL. You can check out the Prices tab for package prices.

What should I eat before / after training?
You can have a half cup of coffee or half a banana for energy before you come to training. After training, we recommend you consume foods high in protein to support your body’s recovery. Remember, each metabolism is self-contained and every individual’s dietary habits must differ according to the goals. We would like to underline that the above suggestions are standard information.


Should I bring my towel to Urban Riders?
You’ll find your towel and shower in the locker room.


Do you have personal care products?
Yes, you can find Urban Care’s personal care products in Urban Riders.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
If you can not attend the ride you’ve booked, we ask you to cancel 12 hours before from our website or our app. If you do not cancel 12 hours prior, you can call us to cancel your ride. In this case, we will only drop 1 lesson from the package. If you have booked a ride but did not make it and haven’t informed us ahead, 2 rides will be dropped from your package. Remember, there are others waiting for your bike. So it is very important for us to consider the cancellation policy!

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