For every membership you get of 5 rides, 10 rides, 20 rides and one month until 23rd of February may have some surprises in the packages!

With our very exclusive “Lucky Ride” drawing, to the winners, we give away a vacation in Bansko with Surf&Burn Urban, a gift card from Nike, a smart watch, Cryo Therapy or a coupon of 10 free cups of coffee from Rawsters!

To join the Lucky Ride drawing, the “to do list” is very simple;

Get a membership of 5 rides, 10 rides, 20 rides or one month!

The winners will be announced in March and the best part is.. wait for it.. you can participate more than once!

For every membership you buy, you will earn a right to join the drawing.

“But how is this going to happen?”

On January 25th, starting at 17.00, every rider will have a number.

Did you buy the first membership in the first day? You get number 1.

Did you buy a membership, on another day, and you were the 56. person? Then you get number 56.

On the day of the drawing, we will be pulling little balls from a box. Every ball has it’s own number. The first 5 numbers out of the box will get the gifts! The first number gets the vacation to Bansko, the second number gets gifts from Nike, the third number gets a smart watch, the fourth gets the Cryo Therapy and the fifth will have 10 free cups of coffee from Rawsters!

We will do the drawing event in a day and at a time you can join, and we will be going live from our @urbnriders Instagram page.

If you want to get one of those gifts, get your membership and ride lucky!


Can I get more than one number?
Yes. For each membership you buy, we will give you a number.

How do I find out my number?

On the day of the drawing, we will put a list on our website. This way, you can learn your number in the line and follow if you win or not.

How will you give the numbers?

After how many people your purchase is, you get that number.

How will the order of the numbers be?

Each riders who buy a membership gets a number. Let’s say Ali is the first one to buy a membership in February, Ali gets number 1. Just after him, Ayşe bought a membership, she gets number 2.

Can I change my number? I have a lucky number though..

No, unfortunately you can’t. If you are the 10th person to get a membership, you get number 10.

Can I buy two memberships at once?

Yes, you can. Then you have your numbers one after another. (Like 7 and 8.)

How should I buy my membership?

You can buy your membership from our website, the U App or the front desk.

How will you decide the numbers with the gifts?

An online system will pick random numbers for the gifts. You can visit random.org if you want to check.

Can I change my gift with an another winner?

If you can figure that out, why not? Just let us know.

Can I give away my gift?

The gift is yours, so you can do whatever you want with it. Just don’t forget to let us know.

Is there a limit of people to join?

No! Everyone can join the drawing.

When will be the drawing?

On 23rd of February.