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Why Urban Riders?

Here at Urban Riders, we provide you with a meditative therapy like workout that helps you burn a minimum of 600 calories in a 40 minute class. You can check out our schedule from this link. Prepare yourself for a high intensity cardio workout that will raise your heartrate to the rhythm of the music and engage your soul! Once the lights are out, you’re a part of the studio. You’ll be pedalling as if you were dancing to our latest, most motivating and fun playlists. You’ll be pedalling for a better you. So, when you ask “whyUrban Riders”? Because this the only thing we do and we’re very good at it. We can’t wait for you to be a part of this experience.

First time here?

Grab your workout clothes and get over here!
We have great news for you. You’re in for the most fun ride of your life! So what should you bring with you? Just your workout clothes and your smile. Remember that this is an indoor cycling workout. It’s going to get very hot. So lighten up the apparel and set yourself free.

What you need to do

First of all, click on the “book your bike” button below and book your bike. Once you receive your confirmation you’re a Rider! When you arrive to the studio, introduce yourself to our frontdesk staff and check-in. It’s important for us that you check-in so we can get to know you. Our frontdesk will hand you your complimentary spinning shoes and water bottle. Lastly, meet your trainer.

Book your bike!

42 Maslak

Adres: 42 Maslak Ahi Evran Caddesi
Ofis Blok 4 Zemin Kat No:16
0530 344 87 26
[email protected]


Barbaros Mahallesi Halk cad. No. 8
Batı Ataşehir Palladium AVM
0530 345 87 26
[email protected]